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    express audit of existing accounting

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    High-quality bookkeeping, from Finance PRO сompany. Let's make the tax reporting for legal and physical persons of businessmen. You can get any necessary accounting services from us: from registration to audit.

    • We carry out accounting and tax accounting.
    • We carry out payroll.
    • We conduct personnel records management.
    • We prepare and submit tax and financial reports.
    • We will advise you on all questions.
    • We provide support for tax audits.
    • Perform audit control.
    • We restore accounting.
    • We make advance and travel reports.
    • Conduct inventory of fixed assets, accounting, write-off, depreciation.
    • We carry online accounting.

    Benefits of Finance PRO

    Professional team

    We employ only highly qualified accountants with many years of experience.

    Payment for vo lume

    We offer you to pay not for the employee’s place, but for the actual amount of work completed.

    Full responsibility

    Full liability for the actions of employees

    Pleasant bonuses

    Free tax optimization

    Loyalty program

    Free advice to regular customers

    Exceptional service

    We are in touch and ready to help 24/7.

    Free express audit of accounting
    We analyze the reporting for the last quarter, we will reveal tax risks and we will prepare recommendations about their elimination


      The list of additional works that Finance PRO performs:

      • Reporting for the business year.
      • Archiving.
      • International and intra-bank transfers.
      • Inventory control.
      • Making work trips.
      • Statistical monthly and annual, as well as interim reports.
      • Registration of petitions.


      Who we work for:

      We work for companies of all types of industries.

      The services
      Consultations, lawyers, advertising, shipping, training, tourism
      IT Industry
      Web-studios, mobile application developers, cloud services
      Wholesale and retail trade, foreign economic activity
      Construction, installation and repair works, architects
      Light, heavy, medical, food industry, agricultural sector

      Cost of accounting

      Calculate the cost of accounting services

      What determines the cost of accounting:

      • Payroll for employees.
      • Accounting for fixed assets.
      • Banking statistics.
      • The ability to access 24/7 data through the use of a cloud service.
      • Analysis, processing, and acceptance of primary documentation. Generalization and registration of documents.
      • Filing and preparation of reports for the State Revenue Service.
      • Reports on profit and loss, as well as the operating balance (every month).
      • Accounting entries and processing.

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