Legal assistance to business in Estonia

Legal assistance to business

Comprehensive legal assistance for businesses in Estonia


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    Legal assistance with our lawyers is an easy solution to your questions. Payment for legal assistance services is made accordingly from the calculation of time and the amount of work or payment from the result of work or by agreement.

    We provide the following services:

    • Legal advice, representation of interests in legal disputes, in courts and in other public institutions.
    • Drafting of documents - contracts, compromises, claims, payment schedules, statements, legally correct answers, etc.
    • Drawing up of production documents - statements of claim, answers to statements of claim, appeals against decisions.
    • And many other legal services.


    Who we work for:

    We work for companies of all branches of business.

    The services
    Consultations, advertising, shipping, training, tourism
    IT Industry
    Web-studios, mobile application developers, cloud services
    Wholesale and retail trade, foreign economic activity
    Construction, installation and repair works, architects
    Light, heavy, medical, food industry, agricultural sector
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