Full accounting services in Estonia

Full accounting services

Comprehensive business support as a full service


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    Finance PRO provides business support in Estonia. Legal and accounting support of enterprises, as well as entrepreneurs at all stages of work and business development.

    Hire a staff specialist or use our services?

    • Of course, it is convenient when there is an employee who can immediately provide advice. But lawyers and accountants also need hospital or vacation. The company can not suspend their work during these periods.
    • There is no need to equip the workplace for the employee and pay him a regular salary.
    • When a specialist works for a long time in one enterprise, he gradually loses his hold, since he ceases to follow changes in legislation that do not concern his rather narrow field of activity. But, as a rule, when controversial situations arise, such knowledge is very necessary.
    • Even a savvy specialist will not be able to compare with a team of professionals with extensive experience and extensive practice.
    • Legal and accounting support guarantees a comprehensive and at the same time individual approach to solving specific tasks.

    We take care of solving all the accounting issues of your company, and you will have much more time for successful and active business development.

    Free express audit of accounting
    Let's analyze the reporting for the last quarter, we will reveal tax risks and we will prepare recommendations about their elimination



      If you have not registered a company in Estonia, we can do it for you remotely. To do this, you must issue a power of attorney in the name of our lawyer. If you are an Estonian citizen or you have an ID card of this country, opening a legal entity will take about 15 minutes. But even for a foreigner, this process will not take longer than a few days.

      Use Finance PRO to take your business to the next level!


      Who we work for:

      We work for companies of all branches of business.

      The services
      Consultations, lawyers, advertising, shipping, training, tourism
      IT Industry
      Web-studios, mobile application developers, cloud services
      Wholesale and retail trade, foreign economic activity
      Construction, installation and repair works, architects
      Light, heavy, medical, food industry, agricultural sector
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