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Get a residence permit in Europe

The service of collecting and submitting documents required to get a temporary residence permit.

Getting a residence permit for the purpose of management or supervision of a civil legal entity registered in Estonia.

A Board Member (Director) of the company is entitled to get a residence permit without the approval of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund but fulfilling the wages criteria, on the following conditions:

  • The company must be registered in Estonia for at least five months;
  • Actual economic activity in Estonia;
  • Granting a residence permit should significantly contribute to the purpose of a temporary residence permit for work.

The residence permit is issued for a period of up to two years, with optional extension.

Wages criteria

Rate of wages of the Board Member of the company must be equal to the latest average annual wage in Estonia published by the Department of Statistics multiplied by a factor of 1.24. (For the period from 01.03.2018 — 01.03.2019 wages of the applicant must not be less than € 1 514.- gross).

Documents required for application

  • Application form (with all annexes)
  • Curriculum vitae (in addition, if the applicant is less than 15 years old)
  • Identity document
  • 1 color photo sized 40×50 mm
  • A document confirming that the applicant has the actual dwelling in Estonia (in addition, if the place of residence is registered in the population register of Estonia)
  • A document confirming payment of the state duty
  • A written explanation of why you want to live in Estonia

A decision to grant a residence permit or a refusal

A decision is made within two months from the date of the application acceptance for processing by the migration department of Estonia.