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Balance Sheet and Income Statement

The Finance Professional OÜ company offers services of professional drawing up the balance sheet and the income statement which will correspond to all goals of our clients.

Reporting forms “Balance sheet” and “Income statement” can be demanded in different situations:

  • When owners and board members want to estimate the potential of resources and an enterprise’s economic condition.
  • When the bank reviews the request for credit granting, at registration of leasing, factoring and accreditation of transactions.
  • While signing contracts with suppliers. For example, when goods are undertaken on credit or with a big delay.

Balance sheet and income statement are key forms of accounting reports, on the basis of which it is possible to gain an exhaustive impression about liquidity and profitability of the company. That’s why on the basis of these documents decisions on approval or refusal in granting of credits, providing payment by installments, and also many serious administrative decisions are made.

Our company keeps your accounting with such skill level and responsibility, that always gives an opportunity to provide a properly made balance and income statement of your organization in short terms.

Order of formation of balance sheet and income statement

You provide us all necessary documents for the reporting period:

  • The entering and proceeding accounts.
  • Bank statements for the reporting period.
  • Cash credit and account orders.

What we do:

  • We form balance sheet and income statement of your enterprise for the set reporting period, faultlessly, competently and “beautifully” in the language of accounts department.
  • If necessary our experts will prepare the detailed budget of your enterprise for last years and for the reporting period, and also the balance sheet and the income statement in comparison with the last periods. The similar analysis is often necessary during adoption of the serious administrative decisions at the large enterprises, before commission of large-scale unplanned expenses.

Finally the experts of Finance Professional OÜ will give you the qualified accounting help when it is necessary to show to investors or creditors all financial performance of the enterprise, and also in productive management of your business.

With Finance Professional OÜ the accountancy becomes easy! Contact us via the button below this text, call us or come to our office in Tallinn to Valukoja 8, X floor, Tallinn. Your issue will immediately begin to be resolving.