Accounting consultation

Accounting consultation

The company Finance Professional OÜ provides accounting consultations on all the questions our clients may have at different stages of business activity and in various situations:

  • difficult questions of the legislation;
  • tax right and tax optimization;
  • contracts writing;
  • display of economic operations by accounting transactions;
  • calculation of salaries and contribution to social funds;
  • maintaining primary accounting documentation and registers;
  • registration of leasing and rent;
  • application of the special modes of accounting and taxation etc.

Your actions

  • You just need to consult our specialists, telling about the problem;
  • If needed give them the access to all necessary documents.

What we are doing

  • Listening attentively and studying your situation.
  • Using the qualification and possibilities of all our specialists to offer you the most favorable decision.

Unfortunately, a lot of companies nowadays trust to keep account to accountants on the basis of the single contract or for submission of reports, because they want to save some money on the maintenance of regular accounts department or high-quality outsourcing of accounting and tax accounting. However, one of the principles of accounting – the regularity, and similar one-time approaches are fraught for the enterprise or the businessman with penalties and close attention of tax authorities.

Difficulties of modern accounting are also caused by frequent and often contradictory changes of legal base. Because of it even professional and skilled chief accountants and specialists of the companies sometimes face the necessity of accounting consultations from the profile organizations like Finance Professional OÜ.

We will help to avoid legislation reefs really quickly, we will explain any subtleties of practical part of accounting, we will give the necessary support in non-standard questions when the time of decision enlarges the size of potential expenses the enterprise could have because of the imposed penalties and other types of administrative responsibility.

You can get an accounting consultation of Finance Professional OÜ in writing form, by phone or personally. In any working hours you are welcome in our office to the address: Valukoja 8, X floor, Tallinn. Our employees will listen to you in confidential conversation with a cup of coffee, and from this point your difficult situation will pass to reliable assistants.

The Finance Professional company offers all regular customers free regular accounting consultations!