accounting restoration

Accounting restoration

Accounting restoration includes:

  • checking and arrangement of all primary documents;
  • creation of accounts in the accounting program (on our server or on yours);
  • formation of accounting and tax reports;
  • consulting at choosing the taxation types and account for limit decrease in tax burden;
  • submission of tax declarations in Tax and Customs Board.

Accounting restoration needs intercommunion with the client. We will insight into an essence of your situation and we will offer you the most favorable solution.

Accounting restoration order

You provide us all the documents you have:

  • incoming and outgoing invoices.
  • Bank statements for the reporting period.
  • Cash credit and account orders.
  • You provide us an access to Tax and Customs Board and the Commercial Register. Our employees will help you to do it.

Our actions

  • We analyze all provided documents. We find out what more documents are needed, and we recommend you how to restore them.
  • If you agree we can restore missing documents by ourselves.
  • We put all the documents in the accounting program, we create account registers.
  • We form all tax declarations and we enter them or we verify them with Tax department.
  • We create an archive of docflow.
  • We meet you and discuss the results of the job we have done.
  • If it is necessary we can pass all annual reports to the Commercial Register.

Restoration of accounting and tax accounting is needed if inauthenticity of primary registration data is revealed, there are no tax registers for one or several reporting periods, there are complaints made by supervisory authorities, and there is a need to keep this business. This process is responsible and labor-intensive. The specialists of accounting company Finance PRO will organize for you any restoration for any period with skill and extreme efficiency.

Our accountants are experienced in accounting restoration for both legal entities and businessmen engaged in different activities. The restoration will be done in full or partial volume and will allow you to avoid payment of great penalties and other administrative responsibility.

Competence of Finance Professional OÜ employees is confirmed by years of successful work and feedbacks of our numerous clients. Our attentive attitude towards your cares will make our cooperation not only effective, but also pleasant. The accountancy of your company will become faultless with us.

If you need to carry out recovery of the account, call us: +372 5560 2611 (eng, est), +372 5366 6674 (rus). Or press the Contact Us button below this text, and the expert of Finance Professional OÜ will communicate with you within 1 working day.

If you prefer to resolve questions personally, we will be glad to see you at our office situated on Valukoja 8, X floor, Tallinn!