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Delivery of the zero reports

The specialists of the accounting company Finance Professional OÜ will help you to prepare and hand over the zero reporting, avoiding feverish race for terms and risks of additional expenses, competently and in time. We offer services of preparation and delivery of the zero reporting for legal entities and businessmen.

Delivery in Tax and Customs Board of competently prepared zero reporting, done in time, will allow to avoid penalties and close attention from tax checking.

The zero reporting is given in two cases: on income – the TSD Report and on a VAT — the KMD Report. If the workers are not registered in the enterprise, it is necessary to provide the zero report before the tenth day of every month.

If the company is registered in Tax and Customs Board as a VAT payer, and any advance payments or accounts of sales or accounts of the expenses linked with the law on a  VAT didn’t come to accounts department in the reporting month,then the enterprise has to hand over the zero report KMD. In other cases the reports will be not zero ones.

Pay your attention:
we are talking about total absence of any economic activity. Carrying out at least one monetary operation, maybe the most insignificant from your point of view, deprives you the right for delivery zero reporting.

It is important that delivery of the zero reporting is more typical for a businessman – the natural person, than for the legal entity. That’s why the enterprise which hands over the zero reporting for some reason needs to treat its formation really carefully. Otherwise the organization has all the chances to draw close attention of supervisory authorities.

What is required from you:

  • An exhausitive set of documents, contacts and data which need to be reflected in the reporting.

What we do

  • We make zero reports on income and on VAT competently and in due time,
  • If necessary — we hand over the reporting in Tax and Customs Board.
  • Qualified specialists of Finance Professional OÜ will undertake an obligation for drawing up your zero financial statements with pleasure. We will provide you real absence of worries about this question, responsibly solving it instead of you.

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